KATE McLAREN - New Zealand Landscape Artist


Passion for creating New Zealand art
After completing a degree in clothing and textiles, Kate’s working life led her elsewhere until she was in her late thirties and decided to follow her passion of painting – now Kate is creating stunning New Zealand inspired artworks.

Influenced by the environment
Kate has always been fascinated with the stories behind the land, and draws inspiration for her work from this. The buildings that remain are testament to people succeeding (or failing) in those landscapes.

Kate describes her paintings as ‘simplified’ realism….based on the view I know. People see my paintings and feel a comforting recognition with that view. It might be of a different place, but they recognise the spirit of that landscape”.

Kate's regularly heads off from her Wellington home, for photographic road trips through New Zealand - which provide inspiration for her back road landscapes pieces.

‘Kate has a simple direct style that is utterly unique and will be instantly recognisable as her fame grows. Her rich use of colour leaps at you. This is the raw New Zealand that I have travelled and filmed in…. I will watch for her progress.’

Paddy Hughes - Film writer and director, and poet